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An estimated 2,500 attendees from 32 Indiana counties and eight states came to this performance July 21-23, 2018. 9% reported that they had never seen live theatre before.

Photography by Julie Curry

Cast List:

Leontes: Ryan Artzberger

*Hermione: Mara Lefler

Mamillius: Dalyn Stewart

Antigonus: Scott Russell

Paulina: Constance Macy

Camillo: Charles Goad

Polixenes        Ben Tebbe*

Florizel/Lord 1: Ryan Claus

Perdita: Phoebe Taylor*

Old Shepherd: Miki Mathioudakis

Clown/Lord 2: Scot Greenwell*

Mopsa/Lady 1: Margaret Morgan

Dorcas/Lady 2: Frankie Bolda

Autolycus; Rob Johansen

HART’s Directing/Design/Tech/Production Summer 2016 Team:

Producing Artistic Director: Diane Timmerman*

Director: Robert Neal*

Set design: Rob Koharchik

Lighting design: Laura Glover

Costume design: Guy Clark

Props design: Bart Simpson

Sound design: Todd Reischman

Stage Manager: Nathan Garrison

Sound engineer: Jeff Mountjoy

Sound assistant: Kevin Caraher

TD/set construction: B Sutherlin

Production Manager: Nolan Brokamp

HART Event Manager & Program Administrator: LaKisha Cooper

Premium Seat Coordinator: Janet Hock

HART House Manager: Caron Morales

Craft services: Laurel Goetzinger

Marketing assistance: Deb Shaver

HART’s 2016 Interns:

Assistant to the Artistic Director: Jessica Meister (IUPUI)

Assistant to the Director: Corbin Fritz (Butler)

Costume/wardrobe: Nora Chapin-Eppert (Depauw), Sarah Hunter (Marian)

Marketing:  Charell Luckey (Butler),  Courtney Shelburne (IUPUI)

Stage Management: Sarah Frey (Purdue), Abigail Tomlin (Ball State)

Production: Zach Alexander, Rachel Kerkes (IUPUI)

2016 HART Board:  

Susan Zurbuchen, Chair

Mark Stuaan, Secretary

Joel Ericson, Treasurer

Robyn Cates

Dorothy Ilgen

Megan McKinney-Cooper

Robert Neal

2016 HART Company Members:

Ryan Artzberger

Sam Fain

Scot Greenwell

Lauren Morris

Robert Neal

Matthew Roland

Phebe Taylor

Ben Tebbe

Diane Timmerman

*2016 Company Member

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