Thursday, July 27th 4:45pm update: We are still planning on producing the show tonight at 8pm! Please check our Facebook page for any subsequent updates this evening:

THURSDAY JULY 27th UPDATE: As of Noon today we anticipate still having an 8pm show. We are uncertain about our usual 6pm preshow activities but will update you as soon as we know. If we have to delay our 8pm curtain, please know that we would only delay our start time as late as 9pm.

The weather reports keep getting more positive! Let's hope that continues!

What about rain?? In the event of rain, the show will go on!
Indy Shakes only delays or cancels for lightning and strong winds.
Stay tuned to this page and to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for weather updates.

We will let you know the status of the performance as soon as possible!