Indianapolis Shakespeare Company (Indy Shakes) will provide a 1-hour contemporary performance of Shakespeare’s As You Like It with a traveling troupe of 6 actors for your school. Indy Shakes will unload, set up, and cleanup all equipment needed as part of the Performance.


Production fee:                 $350

Sound Reinforcement:  $500 (Required for over 200 persons)


  • Performance area minimum: 18’ across, 22’ deep, and 11’ height for the Performance;

  • Access to electricity and one extension cord reaching performance area;

  • Options for hospitality appropriate for the audience size and location of the Performance, including an audience area with minimal sight line obstructions, restrooms, and reasonable accommodations for audience accessibility to see and hear the Performance;

  • A report to Artist comprising a good faith demographic estimation of the audience including: number, ranges of age, and ethnicity of the persons attending the Performance.

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Weeks of May 6th, 13th, 20th at 10 am or 1 pm M-F