Traveling troupe


Indianapolis Shakespeare Company presents our Traveling Troupe, the community and education outreach arm of our organization. Through this professional extension our Company, we will present a 45-minute version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth June 4-25, 2018, at various summer camps, day care settings, senior facilities, churches, and libraries.

This school-age appropriate production of Macbeth is an action-packed mini-play, performed by a troupe of six professional actors. From the “Double, double toil and trouble” spell of the three witches, to exciting battles, to the dramatic results of the cause and effect of decision-making, audiences of all ages will be thrilled and entranced by the energy of live theatre. An interactive pre and post program will engage our audiences and further their appreciation of Shakespearean Theatre.


bring the traveling troupe to you!

All dates and times are currently available June 4-25, 2018!

Our cost of the daytime programming is $300; however, we have collaborated with our partners to provide the weekday daytime performances at $125!

Evening performances are available at $750 for Mondays through Thursdays, and $1500 for Fridays through Saturdays. Start time will be 7:00 pm.

We are happy to assist you in finding additional funding for underwriting the program.

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