2018 Macbeth photo by Zach Rosing (17).jpg

As You Like It Evening Deposit


Indy Shakes Traveling Troupe presents Shakespeare’s As You Like It, a 1-hour version of one of the Bard’s favorites. This family-friendly program is the perfect evening outing.

This payment is a non-refundable booking fee to reserve the date. The evening start times will range from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and will be agreed on by the Venue. A full contract will follow.

Please note: The maximum capacity for this production is 200 persons. Productions with over 200 persons will require a sound reinforcement fee of $500.

Please reach out to robyn@indyshakes.com if you would like to make alternative payment arrangements, or to request more information.

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2018 Macbeth photo by Zach Rosing (17).jpg