Directed by Robert Neal

August 2-4, 2018 at White River State Park

Coriolanus is an intriguing political thriller for times past, present, and future.  Shakespeare’s unerring instinct to tap into what matters to us, what we value, and what we are willing to fight for, shines brightly in Coriolanus.  But Shakespeare does not take sides─he asks us to decide which causes call our name, and who and what we want our leaders to be.

Director Robert Neal was underwritten by Katie and Richard Norton.

Meet the Cast

Caius Martius Coriolanus Grant Goodman

Caius Martius Coriolanus
Grant Goodman

Volumnia Constance Macy

Constance Macy

Menenius Agrippa Ryan Artzberger

Menenius Agrippa
Ryan Artzberger

Sicinius Velutus Bridget Haight

Sicinius Velutus
Bridget Haight

Junius Brutus Scot Greenwell

Junius Brutus
Scot Greenwell

Cominius Jen Johansen

Jen Johansen

Tullus Aufidius Scott Russell

Tullus Aufidius
Scott Russell

Virgilia/Citizen  Chelsea Anderson

Chelsea Anderson

Valeria/Citizen  Carrie Bennett

Carrie Bennett

Citizen/Volsci  Ryan Claus

Ryan Claus

Citizen /Volsci  Grant Niezgodski

Citizen /Volsci
Grant Niezgodski

Citizen /Volsci  Joanna Bennett

Citizen /Volsci
Joanna Bennett

Titus Lartius/Citizen Warren Jackson

Titus Lartius/Citizen
Warren Jackson

Citizen /Volsci  Ryan Ruckmann

Citizen /Volsci
Ryan Ruckmann