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Indianapolis Shakespeare Company will be holding auditions for the Travelling Troupe inaugural production of Macbeth (one-hour interactive), adapted & directed by Bart Simpson. 

Auditions: February 25 & 26, 6-9PM at Butler University, Lilly Hall 328, Call backs February 27th.

Non-Equity actors only. By appointment only. PLEASE make sure you are signing up for Macbeth. There will be two auditions for which to sign up, but one is for the production of Coriolanus, later in the summer. So proceed carefully!

Please prepare two contrasting Shakespeare monologues (one comedic, one dramatic) not exceeding three minutes, total. Bring headshot & résumé. Director Bart Simpson will attend with casting authority.

This Macbeth will be an exciting, interactive, one-hour adaptation, and will be shared at various local community venues (libraries, parks, etc.). Six actors (3M, 3F) will play all the roles, as well as assist the Stage Manager in set-up & strike at performance venues. Up to 60 hours of rehearsal in May, mainly Tues, Wed, Thurs evenings. Open: June 4. Close: June 30, 2018. Performers will help with set up and pack down as needed.

This production is separate from & does not preclude involvement in Coriolanus, Indy Shakes’ outdoor event later in the summer. Email Producer Scot Greenwell with questions:


Robert Neal is directing and Diane Timmerman is producing.
Auditions are: March 11, 2018, Callback March 12, 2018.
Show runs Aug 2-Aug 4, 2018 in White River State Park. First rehearsal July 9, 2018. Production typically rehearses weekday evenings and weekends. We are hiring both Equity and non-Equity performers. Equity actors may audition on March 12th as well, and should email for an appointment.
Volumnia and Junius Brutus are precast; all other roles are open

The following roles are open:
Caius Martius Coriolanus, Menenius, Sincinius Velutus, Cominius, Tullus Aufidius/Citizen, Virgillia/Citizen 5, Valeria/Citizen 6, Titus Larius/Citizen, Citizen 1, Citizen 2, Citizen 3, Citizen 4

Indy Shakes typically announces auditions in February and holds auditions in March for our summer mainstage productions.

We hire both Equity and Non-Equity actors for our mainstage productions.

If you have any questions about auditions, please contact Indy Shakes Producing Artistic Director, Diane Timmerman: